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symbol logos

Maggie Macnab explores fundamental creative strategies for designing effective logos. Part one introduces symbols, metaphors and the power.
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In the previous post Logo, Corporate Identity or Brand. I briefly explored these three marketing essentials and their relationship to each other. symbol logos Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz. Your job as a designer is to symbol logos solutions no one else can. Search on Smashing Magazine. Share This Blog ShareThis. We use ad-blockers as well, you know.

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Develop your instincts for subtle communication on all levels: visual, symbolic, metaphoric, word play and intuition. Abstract archetypal symbols — such as the shape of a circle — contain knowledge that resides in the collective unconscious another Jungian term of all humans. Interviewing the client is important to get an overview of how they see themselves this process can reveal valuable clues , as does researching competition…where do those logos succeed or fail? The visual simplicity of a symbol also supports the flexibility that a logo needs in order to work in multiple future applications. Our worldwide, interconnected technology affords any business, large or small, access to a global audience. Customizable and ready to use..

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