Logo creation cost

logo creation cost

Add to that the cost of a degree in graphic design from a four-year college and the price of designing your own logo runs in the tens of.
Get free bids from professional logo designers. Calculate how much your logo will cost with this interactive calculator. Post your project and compare 8 free.
I recently asked a friend that owns a branding agency this very question, just to gauge a reaction, and his response was, "how much does it cost.
how much logo design cost

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The comments here are a great help in getting an idea how to price and value your work, but it is still tempting as a novice in the commercial field not to price too high thinking you might not get the commission, especially when the graphic designer must be having to put in a competitive price too for his work. Include a cost for finished art too and charge for supplying the files as vector and jpeg and black and white versions of each as well. I have even offered sweat equity to some who were charging me high prices, simply because I knew what the importance of a good logo was but could not afford high prices. Can anyone please tell me how much something like this would sell for? I give the final quotation to my client only when I receive a complete design brief. If you are not as willing to spend on your logo, that means you don't want to spend much on how your Brand will appear to your customer. This allows you to maintain control over this.

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