How to design a logo in gimp

how to design a logo in gimp

This is the same procedure I used to create the logo on my homepage, albeit with slightly different settings. I'll point out the differences as I go along. I've taken a.
Step by step tutorial on how to design a logo for free in less than five The first thing you will need to do is to download and install GIMP.
Today we will be creating a Clean Cut Logo. I hope you like this tutorial, if you do go check out the other ones. The outline will be filled with the blue color you assigned. I dropped a shadow by blurred the other black shape and move it a bit to the right and to the bottom. After that take the edge thats above the line we just adjusted. Select any blue color or you can use the same shade I used. It is ideal for a personal logo or can be used to apply certain effects properly to an existing logo. In my opinion there is too much happening in the logo. It uses pictures and instructions, and takes you through from start to finish, making use of text, paths, gradients and shadows.

How to design a logo in gimp - are

Select the Elipse Select Tool by clicking the dashed oval icon located on the first upper row in the Toolbox or simply press E. GIMP on Linux Compile it yourself! This will open a drop-down to scroll through all the fonts that GIMP knows about on your system. Click the Brush Tool in the Toolbox or simple press P. This topic Creating a simple Company Logo has been rated.

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