How many hours does it take to design a logo

how many hours does it take to design a logo

Logos are the most visible piece of brand identity. From the napkin sketch to the final lockup, we look at how long it really takes to create a logo.
We usually require 3-4 weeks for initial concept development process through final selected options, but the client often influences how fast or slow this takes.
Many people, and rightfully so, aren't aware of the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into creating a strong brand identity—aka, a logo. How long does it take to make a website?

Also: How many hours does it take to design a logo

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WEB DEVELOPMENT LOGO For the most part as I stated from the very beginningmost of my clients are happy with the first round of samples that I give them. And, no, this is not an additional skill. I knew this guy would be high maintenance BECAUSE of his other two designers literally screwing him over. Do you think I, or anyone, can squish all these steps into an hour or two? Once it saw that the logo appealed to its customers and that they appreciated its unique character, their logo choice was clear. Long live the skinny thread post! The company wanted to be sure its sample writer resume served its evolving business needs.
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How many times has that happened? For example, I have this one client right now who paid me a few days after we met, and a week later, I had the first set of samples for him to look at. Quote entire project, estimating all costs, profit, etc. They, like myself, guesstimate how many hours it's going to take and quote accordingly. You still haven't shown me why you think billing per project is better than hourly? The logo designer likely has tried many combinations of typefaces, colors, shapes and icons and collaborated with the creative team about the design.

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View Post Or in this case, an animal shelter, maybe it's a good enough cause to donate some of that time and get a tax write-off. How many times has that happened? How long SHOULD it take? Sheila Sheila Patterson is the owner and Creative Director behind Apex Creative. You still haven't used your OWN WORDS to defend your position. We're not really debating, you're just choosing not to really defend your position. The brand might already have some history and style that your client will want to preserve.

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