Rotty Pup

Rottweiler Puppy Diet

The Rotty is a type of puppy that impresses respect and astonishment wherever it is going. Maybe this is the reason it is a fave among the puppy lovers. The puppy has descended from the mastiffs. They were initially known as the French mastiffs, and were steadily brought into Germany where they bred in some place called puppy .

Puppy Training Guideline

Let's make it enjoyable for you and the new member of your familyYour stunning Rotty Puppydog . Just follow the five easy and simple to apply steps mentioned below and you could have yourself a balanced, loving and sociable dog in future times.

History of Rottweiler Dogs

The mythical origin of the Rotty is that its ancestors were the Roman legions ' dog cattle drovers - particularly, dogs left at the back in what had been the Roman Provinces in Germany, when the Romans were repelled in about two hundred AD. One Roman military encampment on the Neckar Brook , in what became the state of Swabia in southern Germany,

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